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Scale Your Boutique Practice

I knew we could "do well while doing good" by providing quality counsel and balancing it with our service efforts, but I reached a point where I couldn't grow the firm any further on my own. My dream clients were out of reach with a team of our size, and I didn't know if my family could handle the additional years of effort it would take to grow organically.

Does the ‘Work from Anywhere’ Practice Model Lead to Increased Revenue? The Data Shows It Can.

The allure of working from home is here to stay. The pandemic showed us that not only is it possible, but it’s far more desirable for many, many lawyers and staff. Given the choice between taking a break from work by gossiping around the office water cooler or picking up their child from school, many have chosen the latter. Who needs to spend $20 on lunch when you can prepare a cheaper, healthier and more delicious lunch in your own kitchen? Why not clear your head by taking your dog for several walks throughout the day? And no one needs to sit in more traffic, ever. 

The rise of remote firms heralds a new era of boutique law firm mergers

The nature of law firms is changing rapidly, especially as firms strive to stabilize in a new post-pandemic reality. One of those realities is that law firms today are increasingly less local. Many traditional firms are struggling to redraw boundaries around the once indispensable requirement for its lawyers and staff to do their work primarily from a common office. Technology and the pandemic have helped the practice of law shift to less localized but equally connected modes. Remote firms like Scale LLP, which uses technology and a distributed platform to deliver services to its clients from primarily virtual spaces, are on the rise and growing and have even begun to snap up high-quality boutiques that fit their brand and profile.

What can the legal world learn from research on collaborative cultures and the rise of ‘conscious leadership’ in Silicon Valley?

It’s not hard to reach the conclusion that collaboration feels better, but is it any better for the bottom line? Despite what many lawyers believe, there is evidence in an article by Heidi Gardner, PhD at the Harvard Business School, about a collaborative culture’s positive impact on client revenue in the legal practice.

Lawyers May Work From Home, but Will Firms Ditch Those Expensive Leases?

Bloomberg reports that in the last week of December, 2021, over 40% of US workdays were worked from home, according to economists. Before the pandemic, that number was 5%.

The Virtues of a Virtual Practice in Summer

With summer only a month away, attorneys are thinking about how to juggle their summer plans while keeping up with their practice obligations. Now more than ever, a remote work practice is enabling more attorneys to do that with greater ease.

Top 3 Goals for Attorney Success in 2023

The Scale Community gathered this year in Denver for its firmwide attorney retreat to discuss what it would take to build, grow and thrive in 2023. Here are the top 3 goals from those discussions that can help the broader attorney community as we all look ahead to the year as it unfolds.

The Rise of the Lawyer Entrepreneur

Interview with Scale Founding Partner, Adam Forest

Law Firms Can Thrive in a Coming Recession. History Provides a Guide.

Most economists believe the U.S. is headed for a recession in 2023–or is already experiencing one.

Legal Market Report Says Firms Will Struggle to Retain Talent

The 2022 Report on the State of the Legal Market published by Georgetown University Law Center and Thomson Reuters confirms that, despite record profits, law firms still struggle to recruit and retain talent.

Law Firms Are More Profitable Than Ever (So Why Aren’t They Promoting More Equity Partners?)

In its annual survey of law firms, Wells Fargo’s Legal Specialty Group found that most firms reported increased revenue in 2021, with the top 50 firms reporting 16% growth on average.

Is there a growing need for the fractional GC?

Flexible work is on the rise. In the wake of the pandemic, Great Resignation, economic downturn and mass layoffs, many attorneys are redefining what it means to be successful. These conditions have turned out to be the perfect storm for a surge in the “fractional GC”.